Saturday, June 20, 2009

Money Management

On the last lecturing day , our Lecture give us one Topic, he said It must keep in Our mind and always not forget to do that.
Lecture :" What do you think about MONEY MANAGEMENT ? "

The Class became very Quiet,.......
Finally the Answer comes up,

Bossy :"With the Money we can manage the whole system,......"

Financy :"To manage the Money, and to ensure the Money used appropriatily and properly,...."

Trady :"Manage our opportunity to acheive our benefit, and to minimized our potential loss,...."

Before the Class over,
Lecture :" I'm proud of You All, what ever you all will be
, Polithician/Boss
, Finance/Accountant,
, Trader/ even a Gambler,
, don't forget to do "Money Management"