Friday, August 5, 2011

oMG - PLuNGe DoWN !!

Hello Trader
By the time you read this, you will have probably heard how bad the markets were yesterday, a day notorious for big jumps, plunge down, shrunk down, sunk down, Hiks !!
And people will blame anyone, anything, make it worse !!
As you do the same, just blame each other with nothing to do,as seem like you are in hospital and you flat-lined, you're dead.No pulse, no life.
But ... wait !!
As people start jumping ship looking for something safe to invest in - the markets become VoLaTiLe !!!!
Volatile market is Opportunity !!
Bad news makes new opportunity for great trading.
Ride the Volatility with the right one !! Surf - surf - surf !!
This is by far the most exciting time to be a trader